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Whites don't know how to Civil rights fight!

My friend HK Edgerton has said for years" White People don't know how to Civil rights fight! He is sadly correct. But we need to learn and learn quickly while putting more boots on the ground - not less. When the thugs showed up with their bongo drums the good guys could have shut them down with an organized chant - like the one I suggested based [...] Read more

We need numbers!

COMPATRIOTS! Word on the street is that Lee comes down tonight. If you are within driving distance, our beleaguered New Orleans compatriots call for you to join them at Lee Circle. We need numbers and I recommend that flaggers adopt a revision of the old John Lennon anti-Vietnam War chant and sing it over & over & over again: ALL WE ARE [...] Read more


We will not go quietly into the night! I have been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for 40 years this Summer. I aged out of the Children of the Confederacy on my 21st birthday and and on that day Past Commander in Chief Ralph Green signed me up in the Brigadier General W. L. Cabell Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans of Dallas, Texas. I [...] Read more

An important message from SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons

Please pardon my strong language WE HAVE A SHORT BREATHING SPACE TO ACT! 30 DAYS! There is a war going on in New Orleans! When I was there a week ago we were outnumbered at Lee Circle 5 to 1. A week before that several flaggers were attacked & hurt by the thugs of Antifa. Like I said, the war is in New Orleans! The Monumental Task Committee [...] Read more

Response to Roswell's Motion

Here's the response to The City of Roswell's Motion to Dismiss Silvia Cotriss' lawsuit. She smokes 'em!

Conspiracy Against Rights

The SLRC staff produced a 88 page memorandum of law on Conspiracy against rights and civil con-spiracy prosecutions that is being circulated to senior officials at the Justice Dept, the Trump campaign staff and the Republican National Committee. With the BLM attacks on Confederate Heritage supporters and the same people attacking Trump rallies [...] Read more

Sam Davis Youth Camp to Separate from SCV

The SLRC and staff have been ardent supporters of the SCV's Sam Davis Youth camp since its inception in 2003. Due to liability concerns, the Sons of Confederate Veterans General Executive Council decided and the Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC Board (of which Chief trial counsel Lyons is a member) have agreed to separate the Sam Davis Camps to become an [...] Read more

Federal Freedom of Speech Lawsuit Filed Against Roswell Police Over Confederate Flag Firing

The Law Offices of David Ates & the Southern Legal Resource Center filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Sgt Silvia Cotriss against the City of Roswell, Chief of Police Rusty Grant and City Administrator in their official & individual capacities. The (almost) 20 year police veteran was fired in July 2016 following an internal investigation [...] Read more

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