Texas Silver Star Hat Pin


September 1, 2019


    This star is made from an original 19th century Mexican 8 Reales coin (about 92% pure silver).
    27 years ago my Father (Lt Col Clarence J. Lyons Jr. USAF-ret 1928-2016) was shown an original Confederate era hat star by a Real Son, made exactly as you see this star, that was worn by the Real Son’s Texas Cavalryman Father. My Father started making these stars himself and would give them to his friends & acquaintances. Over the next 15 years my Father made over 100 stars.
    My son Stuart is now continuing the Lyons Family tradition of star making! My son made 10 stars to raise money for the SLRC at the Mobile SCV Reunion. Now there are only a couple left! Enjoy and wear proudly!

    At the proceedings of the Convention at Washington March 12, 1836 Mr. Childress introduced the following resolution:

    Resolved that a single star of five points, either of gold or silver, be adopted as the peculiar emblem of this republic and that every officer & soldier of the army and members of this convention, and all friends of Texas, be requested to wear it on their hats or bosoms: which was adopted.

GAMMEL’s Laws of Texas Vol. 1 page 890

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