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Conspiracy Against Rights

The SLRC staff produced a 88 page memorandum of law on Conspiracy against rights and civil con-spiracy prosecutions that is being circulated to senior officials at the Justice Dept, the Trump campaign staff and the Republican National Committee.
With the BLM attacks on Confederate Heritage supporters and the same people attacking Trump rallies & supporters a pattern has emerged - that leads through the Democratic National Committee and potentially straight to Billionaire financier George Soros.
Thanks to Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks 100's of thousands of emails have been made available to the public.
Our memo encourages our new Attorney General to pursue the evidence trail and if it yields pay dirt, prosecute Soros, the Witch and members of the Democratic National Committee for Conspir-ing against the Rights of Confederate Heritage & Trump support-ers this last election cycle.
If Sessions should fail to act, the memo outlines civil options for suing the Soros, the witch and her minions for civil conspiracy under 42 USS S 1985.
Prosecuting such an action would include building a staff that can start sifting through the 1000's of wiki leak captured emails. It’s a heady prospect with deep pocket defendants. Can we the little people do this? Stay tuned!
A copy of the memorandum is available at the following link:

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