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An important message from SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons

Please pardon my strong language

WE HAVE A SHORT BREATHING SPACE TO ACT! 30 DAYS! There is a war going on in New Orleans! When I was there a week ago we were outnumbered at Lee Circle 5 to 1. A week before that several flaggers were attacked & hurt by the thugs of Antifa.

Like I said, the war is in New Orleans! The Monumental Task Committee are in Court with a smoking gun! Mitch's fiefdom DOES NOT own the Beauregard monument. That's how the good guys got the 30 days. Now is the time to support the good guys in New Orleans! GET YOUR ASS down there! Bring a flag. Don't be scared off by talk of acting as law breaking "rebels" or hanging with groups to the right of you. Everyone I have observed on our side have acted admirably & played by the rules despite great provocation and NO PD indolence - And those groups to the right of all of us are there BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT! And if they will serve & cooperate under General Barnum or Sgt Maj KK - what is the problem? We are ALL Deplorables, remember?

Yes 1000's of $$$'s were raised and paid for the legal fight - and the group(s) responsible get mucho credit for that - money wise y'all manned up and did the Lord's work. But that is only one aspect of the struggle. Raising & paying $$$ is fine - but why not have the troops roused and march them to the sound of the guns? Why can't we do that as well?

Mitch & his evil ally, Antifa are our common enemies in this fight. They are taking control of the streets AND the dialogue with their thuggish tactics. They need to be stopped!

By all means leave your wives & children at home (Although 2 brave middle aged women have spearheaded the resistance so far)

But otherwise unless you are boots on the ground with an ongoing Heritage violation elsewhere, GET YOUR RELUCTANT ASSES DOWN TO NEW ORLEANS WHILE BEAUREGARD IS STILL UP!

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