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UT Statue Update

Briscoe Center for American History, the putative recipient of the Jefferson Davis Statue is fundraising for its "gala" opening in April 2017. Apparently part of the money will go towards strengthening the floor, as the site for the Davis Statue cannot support the weight of the statue. If you want to write the Center and tell them to have UT put [...] Read more

SLRC assisting 20 yr police veteran over flag firing

The SLRC is assisting almost 20 year Roswell Georgia police Sergeant Silvia Cotriss over her 14 JUL 2016 termination from her employment over a Confederate flag flown at her home. Cotriss was fired after an investigation found that flying the Confederate emblem in her front yard was "conduct unbecoming a Roswell police officer." Seeing this as a [...] Read more

To whom it may concern

I am a 40 year member of the SCV, and a founder (1995) of the Southern Legal resource Center. HK Edgerton has served on the SLRC Board of Directors and is the Chairman Emeritus of the SLRC's Board of Advisors. There has been some serious unjust sniping at my friend HK Edgerton, by some, dredging up an old canard that has been adopted by our [...] Read more

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