Sam Davis Youth Camp to Separate from SCV


March 5, 2017


The SLRC and staff have been ardent supporters of the SCV’s Sam Davis Youth camp since its inception in 2003. Due to liability concerns, the Sons of Confederate Veterans General Executive Council decided and the Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC Board (of which Chief trial counsel Lyons is a member) have agreed to separate the Sam Davis Camps to become an independent non-profit tax exempt organization, which should be operable by 2018.

The following letter will appear in the next issue of Confederate Veteran Magazine:

FROM the desk of Pastor John Weaver Chairman SDYC LLC, Past Chaplain in Chief SCV

Dear Compatriot,

As an SCV member this is probably the most important letter you will read in 2017. The future of the Sam Davis Camps is literally in your hands.

Since 2003 the Sam Davis Youth Camps have done a peerless job in preparing our youth for the future.  Now in our 14th year, over a thousand young men & women have gone through our one week program of Confederate history, etiquette, culture, dancing and Christian instruction and fellowship.

Many tell us that the Sam Davis Camps are the “best thing the SCV does,” help us to continue that tradition.

Because of liability issues, the General Executive Council has decided and the Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC Board has agreed to separate the two entities  and that as soon as practicable the Sam Davis Camps will independently incorporate and seek its own tax exempt status. When that status is achieved, the current funds and assets of the LLC (about $150,000) will be turned over to the new corporation.

The Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC Board has asked for a commitment from the SCV GEC to help raise an additional $100,000 to help the new Sam Davis Camps as they begin to operate independently of the SCV. Our goal is for the new Sam Davis Camp entity to be up & running with tax exempt status by Summer 2018.

As an allied organization, independent of the SCV, the Sam Davis Camps will continue to recruit campers from SCV Divisions, Camps, and members; report on our activities at Reunions; run free or low cost ads in the Confederate Veteran and fund-raise among Compatriots; and recruit adult staff from SCV members: BUT as an independent organization.

The Sam Davis Board does not see the GEC’s decision as backing away from the Camps, but a better and safer way to help and foster the future and growth of the Sam Davis Camps. The work of the Sam Davis Youth is vital to secure the future of the SCV and all related heritage groups. Think how many future Commander’s in Chief of the SCV have already graduated from a Sam Davis Camp.

Your Tax deductible gift to the Sam Davis Camp LLC will help to make this bright future a reality.

Send checks to:
Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC
c/o SCV
P.O.Box 59
Columbia, TN

Thank you for helping us to secure for our ancestor’s good name – a future!

John Weaver
Chairman, Sam Davis Youth Camp LLC
Past Chaplain in Chief SCV

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